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Not in every phase of life is it natural to get a loan from the bank without any problems. For pregnant women or parents with small children, the procedure can become a gauntlet. Finally, maternity protection and the subsequent parental leave have a lower income.

However, young families usually need start-up capital for the next generation. Announces a baby, numerous purchases are in the house. Starting with the car seat for the car over the stroller to the cot – this basic equipment needs each new earthlings.

The running costs of diapers, clothing, food and toiletries also weigh on the household budget. Sometimes, when starting a family, you even have to buy a new car. Not every family manages to cover these costs with savings. A loan is often the only way to finance. Especially

Single parents are having a hard time, but many of these banks are refusing to lend.

Credit for pregnant women

Credit for pregnant women

It is usually not a problem to get a loan during pregnancy. After all, many loans today are handled via the internet. On the application forms, there is usually no question about an existing pregnancy printed, so you can truthfully complete and submit all documents. Searching for credit on the internet is especially easy when looking for a platform like decides. Here you simply enter the desired loan amount, the time of use and the term in a search mask.

For obtaining concrete offers, the following personal data are requested:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number and e-mail to contact

Whether you take the loan alone or with a second person together, you only need a few minutes to complete the fields. Quickly a list with suitable offers is created. For all loans it is important to use the effective interest rate for comparison. Only this value contains all the costs that arise over the year for the loan. In addition to the repayment installments, you also have to pay for the account management and processing.

Since full income is available during pregnancy until the beginning of maternity leave, most applications are approved. Most banks require proof of income for the past three months. If you plan to take out a loan, you should take care of it in the first few months of pregnancy. It is important to calculate exactly whether you can afford the repayment of the loan even with reduced income during maternity or parental leave.

Credit during maternity leave and parental leave

Credit during maternity leave and parental leave

If you are close to birth or have your first few years at home with the baby, banks are not so ready to lend money. The reason is simply the lower income. If one gives the parental allowance as the only source of income, the amount is often rated as insufficient security. In addition, the banks expect that children cost additional money.

You have a better chance of getting a loan if the partner joins you. Then both the salary of the partner and the child benefit will be included in the calculation. Here are single parents clearly at a disadvantage. Especially during the first months of life there is hardly any chance for them to earn something extra. For the banks, it’s all about safety.

If you have a very low income during parental leave, the bank will remain on credit if you are unable to pay. There is no possibility of garnishment. Couples, where one parent works but earns little, face this problem. The parental allowance is based on the average net earnings of the last 12 months. If you have earned well in the job, you can look forward to during the parental leave over 1,800 euros.

If the partner earns this, most banks will decide positively on a loan in this case. The parental allowance is paid out for a maximum of 14 months. However, for most parents, chances are high that either mother or father will opt for a part-time job afterwards. So banks assume that both together do not earn as much as before the founding of the family.

Since young families in most cases also have low real assets, the bank can count on a few collateral in this regard. Only very few young families live in a fully paid house or condominium.

For families with babies and toddlers it is often only for loan approval, if they can provide a financially strong guarantor. So the first phase in life with children can quickly become a financial challenge when the money in the back and the front is not enough.

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