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Especially during unemployment, everyone can quickly find themselves in the situation that their own money is no longer sufficient to offset costs. A high additional payment or a necessary repair can quickly exceed the financial budget. Then a loan is required – usually in a relatively short time. But are unemployed people considered in an instant loan? YES:

What is an instant loan for the unemployed

What is an instant loan for the unemployed

An instant loan is a loan that is paid out particularly quickly and under simplified terms and conditions. In the case of unemployed, credit institutions generally keep a low profile, since the risk to the bank is very great that the loan cannot be repaid reliably and the bank must therefore forego the money. Usually, it is only dubious providers who serve the unemployed via an instant loan without imposing any further requirements.

Normal banks don’t give loans to unemployed people

Normal banks don

Reputable banks only grant a loan to the unemployed against the provision of appropriate security. A surety, for example, can serve as security. This includes life insurance or houses and land as security. A loan without collateral will be difficult to achieve for job seekers. Another person can also stand in as a guarantor. However, this must be creditworthy in order to be able to securely repay the loan if necessary. If the borrower can no longer meet the loan obligations itself, the bank takes on the guarantor. Therefore, the guarantor’s credit bureau information must also be faultless.

Collateral for the bank

Collateral for the bank

As a further security for an instant loan, unemployed people can specify a property. This can be either a condominium or a house that the bank can sell if the loan can no longer be repaid. This type of security deposit should be carefully considered – because in the event of an accident, your own property is quickly gone. However, it is rare for the unemployed to own land or property.

Garnishment for the instant loan

In addition, an existing life insurance policy can be assigned to the bank with an instant loan – provided you have such insurance. In this case, however, the sum insured must be so high that the loan can also be secured accordingly. Otherwise, this is only possible through additional collateral or possibly several life insurance policies.

Does an application as an unemployed make sense?

In general, you should carefully consider the application as an unemployed person. The bank can certainly get approval for the loan application – but one should remember that the money must also be repaid reliably and regularly. The monthly installments should therefore be chosen so that repayment is not a problem. If there is a prospect of a new job, the banks often also engage in special repayment options or an increase in repayment rates.

If you are not unemployed or do not plan to become unemployed, it is best to look here at the normal instant or installment loans.

A mortgage, as well as the mortgage, is a so-called “land charge” (a real property right that allows the protection buyer to immediately realize the right to property or property) that is entered in the land register. Both mortgages and mortgages are ways to secure real estate financing from the bank.

The mortgage serves as a hedge of the debt of the property owner when he takes out a mortgage loan. In order to secure this mortgage loan, the Bank has secured the security of the mortgage entered in the land register, which allows it to foreclose the property in the event of the borrower’s insolvency and to repatriate the loan with the proceeds of the sale.

Mortgage loans are a financing option for owners of land, houses or condominiums, which are usually granted as a so-called annuity loan, with fixed rate fixation over five to fifteen years and constant installments.

The mortgage loan offers high security and low interest rates

The mortgage loan offers high security and low interest rates

Mortgage lending involves very little risk to the lending bank, as the lending amount is a maximum of sixty percent of the estimated real estate value. Thus, it is almost always guaranteed that even in the case of insolvency of the customer from the proceeds of the compulsory auction or receivership, the bank can repay the entire outstanding loan amount. As the security for the bank is high, the borrower has very low lending rates that are well below the interest rates of regular loans without a lien.

For mortgage loans, as is generally the case for all forms of real estate financing, an equity ratio of at least twenty percent is advisable. Who would like to finance a house worth 200,000 euros, would receive from the bank in return for the mortgage a loan of 120,000 euros (sixty percent of real estate value). So there remains a financing gap of 80,000 euros, which – depending on the equity ratio – must be concluded via a more or less high loan without mortgage. This in turn reduces the risk of the bank and allows for better terms.

The so-called mortgage interest rate is not equal to the interest rate agreed for the mortgage loan, but is initially a purely calculated size. He is about fifteen percent. If the mortgage loan is repaid regularly and easily, the mortgage interest rate is irrelevant. Only when it comes to a forced auction due to insolvency, the open claims of the bank are increased by this interest rate.

A mortgage is a so-called judicial title – in the event of insolvency of the borrower, the bank has the immediate right of enforcement. Of course, this right will only be enforced after the contractually agreed payment default in the form of a receivership (real estate from which revenue is generated) or foreclosure.

If several mortgage rights are registered on the property in the land register, then in the case of insolvency the ranking is important – the first registered mortgage is satisfied first from the proceeds, then only the second and so on. Although already encumbered real estate can serve as collateral for a mortgage loan, the bank will then rate a higher interest rate because a subordinated loan carries greater risk. Incidentally, mortgage loans can be awarded due to the high level of security even if the credit bureau entry is negative.

Difference between mortgage and mortgage loan

Difference between mortgage and mortgage loan

The main difference between a mortgage loan and a mortgage loan is that the latter is not earmarked. Although it is mostly used for real estate financing, it can also serve to replace other loans (thanks to the low installments and long term a cheap solution) or be used for other purposes.

Construction measures such as an energy-efficient renovation increase the value of the property and thus the mortgage. However, some banks have a clause in the mortgage loan contracts that the loan must be earmarked. Debt-free and unencumbered land and real estate can, in principle, serve as collateral for a mortgage loan without earmarking.

While the mortgage is tied to the current level of credit, that is, decreases as the loan is repaid, land charges are fixed and not tied to the mortgage loan. The mortgage does not automatically expire after repayment of the loan and does not necessarily have to be deleted from the land register. It is more flexible than the mortgage because it can either serve as collateral for new loans or be transferred to a new collateral taker.

Procedure and variants of mortgage loans

Procedure and variants of mortgage loans

Before the application for registration of the mortgage is made, the mortgage loan contract must first be signed. A notary initiates the certification and entry in the land register. If the mortgage is registered, the lending bank receives the current excerpt from the land register and a copy of the document. Only then will the loan amount be paid out. The entire process should be estimated at about six to eight weeks to avoid possible default interest towards the seller of the property.

Usually the Land Registry Office issues a mortgage note (alternatively there is also a land charge – all changes must be made directly in the land register), which can be transferred to another creditor even without registration in the land register.

This means that from the land register not necessarily the current owner of the land charge is apparent. A mortgage agreement is attached to the mortgage – this defines the claims for which the bank can claim the mortgage. As a rule, the bank requires a broader collateral agreement that covers not only the claims arising from the actual mortgage loan (close collateral agreement), but also all other current or future receivables.

In principle, there are three subforms:

In principle, there are three subforms:

  • Owner land charge: The owner lays down the land charge and thus holds the first-ranking mortgage, which he can assign or pledge at any time.
  • Foreign land charge: The land charge is registered in favor of a third party (in the case of a mortgage loan in favor of the lending bank).
  • Security deposit: The mortgage serves to secure a specific claim that is defined in the security contract.

Costs for land register entry and notary

Costs for land register entry and notary

In principle, land register entries incur costs for both a notary and the fees of the Land Registry. For real estate financing, the rule of thumb is that the costs of registering the mortgage amount to approximately two percent of the purchase price. For financings below 50,000 euros, the percentage is slightly higher, with sums over 50,000 euros, it drops slightly.

The amount of the mortgage that is registered depends on the amount of the mortgage loan. In addition to the notional value, banks also enter interest and other receivables, so that the principal and all additional costs are hedged.

Land charge: cancellation or not?

Land charge: cancellation or not?

Unlike the mortgage, the mortgage does not automatically “disappear” when the mortgage loan is paid off. Anyone who does not cancel the mortgage remains in the land register, the lending bank as a senior creditors. However, no-one has to worry about the bank still having the right to foreclosure even after the loan has been repaid – of course it would first have to prove that the loan has not been repaid and that it still has outstanding claims.

Therefore it can be an advantage to keep the mortgage still in the land register even if the debt is completely repaid. The deletion costs money as well as a later possibly desired new entry (as security for another loan). On the other hand, if the land charge is recorded in the land register, the owner of the property can simply transfer the mortgage to a new creditor, for example another bank.

So if you want to use the once entered land charge as collateral for future financing, you should not delete it. Only a cancellation authorization should be requested from the lending bank, which declares the repayment of the loan and their consent to the cancellation of the mortgage.

In principle, real estate may only be sold debt-free – in this case, the cancellation of the mortgage should be linked to the transfer of ownership, which saves costs. Since mortgages have to be paid off before the sale of a property, but the owner of the mortgage must always agree to the eradication, it can be beneficial in inheritance litigation if the owner transfers the mortgage to himself. So, after repayment of the mortgage loan, he would have an unpolluted house, to which, however, a mortgage has been registered which prevents the sale.

Not in every phase of life is it natural to get a loan from the bank without any problems. For pregnant women or parents with small children, the procedure can become a gauntlet. Finally, maternity protection and the subsequent parental leave have a lower income.

However, young families usually need start-up capital for the next generation. Announces a baby, numerous purchases are in the house. Starting with the car seat for the car over the stroller to the cot – this basic equipment needs each new earthlings.

The running costs of diapers, clothing, food and toiletries also weigh on the household budget. Sometimes, when starting a family, you even have to buy a new car. Not every family manages to cover these costs with savings. A loan is often the only way to finance. Especially

Single parents are having a hard time, but many of these banks are refusing to lend.

Credit for pregnant women

Credit for pregnant women

It is usually not a problem to get a loan during pregnancy. After all, many loans today are handled via the internet. On the application forms, there is usually no question about an existing pregnancy printed, so you can truthfully complete and submit all documents. Searching for credit on the internet is especially easy when looking for a platform like decides. Here you simply enter the desired loan amount, the time of use and the term in a search mask.

For obtaining concrete offers, the following personal data are requested:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number and e-mail to contact

Whether you take the loan alone or with a second person together, you only need a few minutes to complete the fields. Quickly a list with suitable offers is created. For all loans it is important to use the effective interest rate for comparison. Only this value contains all the costs that arise over the year for the loan. In addition to the repayment installments, you also have to pay for the account management and processing.

Since full income is available during pregnancy until the beginning of maternity leave, most applications are approved. Most banks require proof of income for the past three months. If you plan to take out a loan, you should take care of it in the first few months of pregnancy. It is important to calculate exactly whether you can afford the repayment of the loan even with reduced income during maternity or parental leave.

Credit during maternity leave and parental leave

Credit during maternity leave and parental leave

If you are close to birth or have your first few years at home with the baby, banks are not so ready to lend money. The reason is simply the lower income. If one gives the parental allowance as the only source of income, the amount is often rated as insufficient security. In addition, the banks expect that children cost additional money.

You have a better chance of getting a loan if the partner joins you. Then both the salary of the partner and the child benefit will be included in the calculation. Here are single parents clearly at a disadvantage. Especially during the first months of life there is hardly any chance for them to earn something extra. For the banks, it’s all about safety.

If you have a very low income during parental leave, the bank will remain on credit if you are unable to pay. There is no possibility of garnishment. Couples, where one parent works but earns little, face this problem. The parental allowance is based on the average net earnings of the last 12 months. If you have earned well in the job, you can look forward to during the parental leave over 1,800 euros.

If the partner earns this, most banks will decide positively on a loan in this case. The parental allowance is paid out for a maximum of 14 months. However, for most parents, chances are high that either mother or father will opt for a part-time job afterwards. So banks assume that both together do not earn as much as before the founding of the family.

Since young families in most cases also have low real assets, the bank can count on a few collateral in this regard. Only very few young families live in a fully paid house or condominium.

For families with babies and toddlers it is often only for loan approval, if they can provide a financially strong guarantor. So the first phase in life with children can quickly become a financial challenge when the money in the back and the front is not enough.

More and more people are interested in the offer from Soulcredit Bank. Anyone looking for a reputable Swiss loan without a credit bureau check today knows that this type of financing is now coming from Liechtenstein.

Anyone who has an already existing loan and wants to top it up or is sometimes looking for a small loan, but in both cases does not want a review of credit bureau, should definitely contact Soulcredit Bank from Liechtenstein.

The Soulcredit Bank is a serious partner for all those who want to conclude a small loan without checking the credit bureau. So if you are still looking for a bank for a financing, you should definitely deal with the offer of Soulcredit Bank.

Soulcredit Bank offers debt-free loans for Germans

Soulcredit Bank offers debt-free loans for Germans

More and more Germans are looking for a credit bureaufreien credit, which is often referred to as Swiss credit. Today, however, not a bank from Switzerland is contacted, but Soulcredit Bank, which is based in Liechtenstein. But why is the credit bureau-free loan so interesting? If one follows the data of the “protection community for general credit protection”, thus the credit bureau, then 9,2 per cent of the Germans have one or sometimes also several negative credit bureau characteristics. Statista, a statistics portal, also comes to a similar number: 9.44 percent.

If it comes to limiting the age group of 25- to 54-year-olds, the percentage is even double digits! The “front runners” are in the group of 35- to 39-year-olds – here have 16.4 percent one or more negative credit bureau characteristics. This means that 8 million Germans definitely have a problem when it comes to getting a serious loan offer – because the majority of banks only grant financing if there are no negative entries in the credit bureau. If there are negative features, only a handful remains, which does not mean that all providers are serious. Another problem: the conditions. Anyone who applies for a loan without credit bureau must expect much worse conditions than an applicant who has easily passed the credit bureau exam. In the end, the terms depend on the credit rating – if the credit rating is bad, the conditions will not be attractive.

Currently there are about 2,000 banks that can provide a loan in the federal territory – the number of those banks that grant a loan without prior review of credit bureau is vanishingly small. Fact is: In Germany, there is usually no bank, the loan without credit bureau exam assigns.

But there is still a possibility – a foreign bank. This is where Soulcredit Bank comes into play, which, on the one hand, grants loans and, on the other hand, replaces existing loans – without asking credit bureau.

Is it possible to solve any credit problems through credit advertising?

Is it possible to solve any credit problems through credit advertising?

The credit bureaufreie credit offered by the Soulcredit Bank from Liechtenstein is hardly advertised by the bank. Just one website points out that this offer exists. Mainly in the German-speaking countries are the so-called credit intermediaries, which bring customers closer to credit bureau-free credit. The advantage that the bank enjoys here? This distribution channel is mainly used only for qualitatively better credit applications, ie pre-approved loan applications. However, the downsides should not be ignored: the distribution concept naturally also has an impact on the reputation of non-credit bureau credit provided to the Germans – and credit intermediaries who promote financing without a credit bureau query are often classified as “dubious”. plugged.

The fact is that there is hardly any positive coverage in the media when it comes to credit bureaufreie financing. Time and again, there is always talk of the high risk of fraud. This is because there are many journalists who can not distinguish between real credit offers and unsustainable advertising messages. Because, of course, there are enough people on footbeds who use the advertising when it comes to dubious business models.

So insurances, investments, credit cards or retirement plans are promoted and sold – because it is precisely those areas that can hide behind an advertisement, if this is switched by a dubious intermediary. But in the end, a bank is never dubious – it’s always about the link between the bank and the customer.

Those who have also dealt with the topic in recent years, will also have noted that – for example, the Soulcredit Bank – repeatedly set accents by the banks to get rid of the bad image, which was also created by numerous journalists ,

Tip: Advertising slogans, which are particularly well-sounding, one should not believe. Anyone who believes that a credit bureau-free loan is a mass product that is wrong – it is about a special loan, which is also awarded only after an examination of the current financial situation.

Who is Soulcredit Bank AG?

Who is Soulcredit Bank AG?

Business goal:
At the end of 2010, Soulcredit Bank also became active in the German credit market. The objective is clear: Small loans are given to German citizens without a credit bureau check. There are currently three fixed loan amounts available: 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros or even 7,500 euros. The repayment is made in 40 monthly installments. If it is a good existing customer who has already proven to be a serious credit partner, then the loan can also be increased.

The trademarks of the credit bureau-free loan

The credit bureaufreie credit became in Germany under the designation Swiss credit admits. Even if the loan without credit bureau query looks relatively new, the history of this financing extends into the last century. At the beginning, only people who had difficulties within Germany to get a classic loan from the bank should be addressed.

At the beginning, there was talk of housewife credit again and again, although this name still exists today. A model that, however, has not been offered by any Swiss bank since the 1970s.

In other words, a Swiss loan, which is nothing other than financing without a credit bureau query, is also approved on a credit bureauun-dependent basis, which does not mean that there is no credit check.

The Swiss loan from the neighboring country Liechtenstein

The Swiss loan from the neighboring country Liechtenstein

In 2009, it came to a dispute and subsequently to the final break with the Swiss site. The reason was a decision made by the Federal Administrative Court in the case of BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) against the Fidium Finanz AG based in St. Gallen (file number: 8 C 2.09). The court prohibited the provider lending to German citizens. Thus, the model of the Swiss loan could not be continued.

However, the decision was not unexpected – ultimately, the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court in the last instance. For a short time, even the European Court of Justice dealt with the extremely complex issue. The fact that they seemed to have lost faith in the victory after numerous instances made it clear in 2004 that an emergency solution was launched: today’s Soulcredit Bank. The bank, which became the successor to Fidium Finanz AG, also changed the overall concept and also opted for a completely new information policy.

From Swiss to Liechtenstein loan

At the beginning of the restart, of course, the soup that cooked the media rumor mill was extremely hot. In various publications, it was even said that a credit bureau free loan is an invention of the credit intermediaries. Even today, some media are of the opinion to cite various studies from the years 2009 and 2010 – a time when there was no bank that was allowed to give a loan without credit bureau to a German.

However, those media representatives who met the issue without prejudice were able to take a very deep look into the business model of Soulcredit Bank. Unlike any other bank in Germany, the bank disclosed the rating system for lending.

Thus, it is no secret, which requirements the future borrower must meet. In addition, the borrower also knows what documents are required when it comes to increasing the loan amount.

All those who want to submit a loan application to Soulcredit Bank can therefore orientate themselves in advance on the rating system and therefore know before the submission of the application how high the opportunity will be to obtain approval from the Liechtenstein bank.

General information on the offer structure of Soulcredit Bank

General information on the offer structure of Soulcredit Bank

Liechtenstein’s non-profiteering credit is always a small loan that comes in three predefined loan options. That is, the loan applicant has the option to choose one of three options provided by Soulcredit Bank.

It should be noted that any loan payment is non-cash. In other words, the loan amount requested and subsequently granted will be transferred by the Bank – free of charge and directly – to the current account specified by the applicant. The loan is not subject to any purpose limitation. This means that the money is available for free use.
The offered interest rate, a fixed rate independent of the credit rating, is fixed for the entire term. Each of the three variants is redeemed with 40 monthly installments.

Tip: Occasionally, the actual duration is 42 months, since the repayment always starts with a time delay and thus begins only with the month after the month after the conclusion of the contract.

Who has chances for a credit bureau-free loan from Liechtenstein?

Who has chances for a credit bureau-free loan from Liechtenstein?

The loan offer is mainly aimed at employees subject to social security contributions who also have a permanent employment relationship. Of course, the largest and most crucial part that has an influence on the decision whether or not to approve the loan application is the amount of net income. It is important that the net income has an attachable income share.

Beforehand, people who feel they have unpaid or paid negative entries in the credit bureau may feel at home, but can certainly afford a loan. That is, the loan applicant gets a fair credit balance, which, however, fits the information provided. The fact is: The installment payment ability decides whether the applicant can afford the loan – that is, it is absolutely important that the old debts are in a very balanced relation to the monthly income.

People who have been able to arrange their financial affairs and today only have “problems” on their paper, but who are from days gone by, can look forward to a fair chance if they want to take out a loan without checking the credit bureau.

The application criteria at a glance

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old; the maximum age is 62 years
  • Only employee loans are offered
  • The minimum net salary must be above the attachment exemption limit
  • There is an open-ended employment relationship
  • The applicant must be healthy and fully capable of working
  • No existing income pledging or salary
  • No current insolvency proceedings
  • There may be no entries in the debtor file of the district court

Tip: The same requirements are to be taken into account even if the customer already has a loan from Soulcredit Bank, but would like to increase it later on.

When are there no credit opportunities?

When are there no credit opportunities?

Over-indebted applicants, freelancers and self-employed persons, housewives, social security recipients and the unemployed receive no credit from Soulcredit Bank. Even if there is a fixed-term employment relationship, there is no credit and no increase in existing funding. There are no special regulations.

Which documents are needed?

On the one hand there are the application documents, which are also available for download on the homepage of Soulcredit Bank, and on the other hand the application documents listed below for the so-called Post ID procedure. Applicant may be responsible for any Post ID costs.

  • A copy of the valid identity card – here copy both sides, ie front and back
  • Two current pay slips
  • Bank statements showing evidence of actual cash receipt
  • The proof of income from the past year
  • Proof that you are an account holder or authorized to use your spouse’s account
  • December Settlement – Alternative: Social Security or Payroll Tax

Applicants who have applied for the June billing from July onwards do not need to provide proof of previous years. In addition, no prior year proof is required even if the applicant receives a regular fixed salary.

The requirements for the 3,500 euro loan

The requirements for the 3,500 euro loan

The € 3,500 loan is the lowest-priced financing that the applicant must meet. An application can be made by potential creditors who have been with the current employer for at least one year – it should be noted that this must be an uninterrupted employment relationship. Once the employment relationship has been interrupted, the period begins again. In addition, it is important that there is an open-ended employment relationship and, in addition, that there is no longer a probationary period. With reference to the applicant’s minimum income, individual requirements must be taken into account.

For example, the minimum income for a single person who has no maintenance obligations is at least € 1,150 / month. If there is a maintenance claim, the minimum income increases to 1,600 euros / month. If the applicant has to pay maintenance for two persons, the minimum monthly income is around € 1,850. If the applicant has to pay maintenance for three persons, the monthly minimum income climbs to 2,150 euros – for four persons it is 2,500 euros and for five persons 3,100 euros. The amount of the minimum income is also based on the amount of maintenance.

If the € 3,500 loan is to be increased, the same proof of income and documents and a new application must be submitted. The only difference is that the deadlines to be respected during the minimum period of employment differ from the first loan application – in the course of the increase, the minimum duration of employment is four or seven months.

What requirements must be met for the 5,000 euro loan?

What requirements must be met for the 5,000 euro loan?

In the case of the medium credit model, ie the 5,000 euro loan without a previous credit bureau review, different requirements also have to be met. Here, above all, the focus is on the length of the current employment relationship – who wants the 5,000 euro credit must, according to the Sigma Bank already have a three-year employment can show that on the one hand had not been interrupted and on the other hand is indefinite.

Single persons who have no maintenance obligations have to reach a net income of 1,600 Euro / month; If the applicant has to be provided with support for one person, the minimum income limit is € 1,900 per month. If maintenance payments are due for two persons, the income limit is € 2,250 / month. For three dependent persons, the monthly income must be at least € 2,600, for four people € 3,200 / month.

If you want to top up the 5,000 euro loan from Soulcredit Bank, then the same document and evidence must be provided, which were also submitted in the course of the new application. There is a difference in the minimum duration of employment – this is now four or seven months.

What to look for when applying for the 7,500 Euro loan

What to look for when applying for the 7,500 Euro loan

If you apply for the 7,500 euro loan, you must take into account various special features: Since this is the model with the highest sum provided by Soulcredit Bank, more stringent requirements must be met.

Thus, the minimum duration of employment is 48 months – uninterrupted and indefinite. Single persons who do not pay maintenance must have a net monthly salary of 1,800 euros. If there is a dependent person, the minimum amount increases to 2,100 euros, for two dependent persons, the minimum amount is 2,500 euros / month and for three people it is 2,900 euros. If the applicant has to pay maintenance for four people, he must earn at least € 3,400 / month.

If the applicant intends to increase the existing credit, he must have a 12-month employment period.

How to increase the loan?

How to increase the loan?

Soulcredit Bank does not grant two parallel installment loans or two or more deferred loans. There is a maximum of one loan per borrower. If you still need more money, you can apply for an increase. In this case, the client must be able to demonstrate at the beginning that he / she is trustworthy – in the end, it is a matter of giving the bank a clear and straightforward feeling that it will not take any risk here if the applicant receives a higher sum.

It should be noted that the same conditions as in the first application must be met – there is only a difference in the minimum duration of employment. Subsequently, the residual balance is significant.

If it is a € 3,500 loan, an increase is possible if the remaining balance is € 1,500; at the 5,000 euro financing, the limit is 2,000 euros. If the applicant has opted for a € 7,500 loan, the limit is € 3,000. Note that from a “mechanical point of view” it is a new loan.

At the beginning, therefore, the bank examines the request of the applicant and takes a look at the submitted documents, which also allows to take into account the experiences that have been made so far with the client. If the increase is approved, the outstanding balance is repaid before payment and the surplus is subsequently transferred to the current account specified by the applicant.

How long does the applicant have to wait for the loan payment?

How long does the applicant have to wait for the loan payment?

An interesting question deals with the topic of the length of the overall procedure. When is the view of the account worthwhile? As a rule, it takes two working days after the written application has been submitted for the application to be filed in Liechtenstein and processed by an employee of Soulcredit Bank. There is no preferential treatment for applications made through an intermediary.

The audit of the Soulcredit Bank takes place in the course of a case-by-case examination. Due to the fact that each loan request is processed personally by a member of staff, a verdict can be issued after three to a maximum of five working days without any queries from the bank. If the loan has been approved by the bank, the payment will be made the next working day. After one to two working days, the requested amount is then at the specified current account.

Any questions?

Any questions?

On the one hand credit bureaufreie lightning loans are promised, on the other hand, there is always the fact that you have to be patient when it comes to a loan from Soulcredit Bank, since it can happen once that the requested sum is transferred after four weeks. Both claims are not true – they are wrong.

A real lightning loan is a so-called mini loan, which appears possible despite a paid negative credit bureau – but this is not about the credit bureaufreien credit from Liechtenstein.

The long waiting period, which was repeatedly the topic in various Internet forums, can only be traced back to the postable credit. Years ago, the payment was also offered by personal check – but nowadays this option is no longer available.

Soulcredit Bank pays attention to the image and wants to maintain the good reputation that exists outside of the media landscape. That is also the reason why problems – such as checks – were eliminated as quickly as possible.

Of course, there are always voices that criticize the level of the interest rate. However, if one compares the interest rate with a credit bureau foreign credit, then one is however on the same level.

The customer service

The customer service

Due to the fact that the loan application can also be made without an intermediary, questions keep coming up. Here, the employees of Soulcredit Bank are available by phone as well as by e-mail.

Please note that the telephone support is German-language. If you look for experience reports with employees, it quickly becomes clear that they are extremely helpful, flexible and friendly. In addition, if one decides on the telephone support, there are no long waiting times – usually an employee is immediately available.

The most important thing summarized

The most important thing summarized

The so-called Swiss loan, ie the financing without a previous credit bureau inquiry, is no longer awarded by any Swiss bank – since 2010, Soulcredit Bank AG, which is based in Liechtenstein, is the partner for all those who are looking for a credit bureau-free financing. The Soulcredit Bank offers the legal opportunity that the German can conclude a foreign loan without a previous credit bureau inquiry. There are three credit models available – so there are the variants 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros and 7,500 euros. The loan is repaid in 40 monthly installments. A fixed interest rate fixed in advance and independent of credit rating applies.

It should be noted, however, that lending does not correspond to the cliché of the “dirty loan”. Even if the media like to make schaffa-free loans frivolous, the financings of the Soulcredit Bank are interesting special loans made available to the Germans from Liechtenstein.
But even if the Soulcredit Bank renounces a credit bureau query, that does not mean that there is no other test on the part of the bank. Of course, there will be an audit of the creditworthiness based on very clear criteria.

The essentials in brief

The essentials in brief

  • A loan must not exceed your financial resources
  • Check in advance if you can even take out a loan
  • Currently, lending rates are lower than ever
  • The total package of a loan should suit your location
  • You can benefit from credit options when paying off
  • Credit comparisons save time, are up-to-date and often independent
  • Take enough time to compare bids
  • Here it goes directly to the credit comparison


  • the essentials in brief
  • What you should consider before borrowing
  • How to find the right loan
  • How to record your loan
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The best loan is the one you do not need. Such a financial transaction always entails risks and usually represents a long-term liability. However, in some cases it is not possible to avoid lending money from the bank. Due to the currently very favorable interest rates, loans are cheap. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to some aspects, so that your credit pays off the bottom line and does not become a debt trap. The focus is on the modalities for a safe repayment and avoidable additional costs. We’ll explain step by step to you in this article, what matters when it comes to taking credit.

What you should consider before borrowing

What you should consider before borrowing

Before you decide on a loan, you should first consider whether you really need it. Sometimes credit can be avoided when it comes to not overly expensive purchases. The advantage is always the avoidance of debt and the protection of your (good) credit rating. So do not rush to borrow money for a purchase that you might otherwise be able to finance. Above all, you should be realistic about your situation. On the one hand this serves as your own hedge, on the other hand your lender will examine your financial situation.

Ask the loan

First, you should ask yourself if you need a loan at all. You can hardly afford to get a loan to finance a construction project or buy a property. But if it is about the acquisition of other things, it is worth balancing. From new cars to smartphones, you should look for alternatives to credit. For example, would a 20% cheaper year-old car not be as suitable as a new car? If it does not have to be the most up-to-date iPhone, brands from just € 100 can be found at the online retailer or at the discount store.

By looking at other options, choosing models from the previous year, or taking the time to save on a consumer good, you can bypass a loan. You may also be able to use up reserves that are in a savings account. At least, such reserves can reduce the amount of credit needed. This pays off in most cases on the interest costs.

Consider your financial circumstances

For the realization of a loan, it must always be clear what rate of installment you can afford. Find out how much of your free disposable income remains at the end of the month. What secure income do you have and what is regularly deducted from it to the landlord, insurance or other living expenses? The plus you can spend on the repayment of a loan.

Do not calculate too short, because you can always have unpredictable expenses in the house. In addition to the cost of repairs or repairs, you should still be able to save a small cushion despite credit burdens. After all, you will need money for gifts here or there, or you might want to treat yourself to a little vacation. Here it goes to a credit-rate calculator.

Loan amount and maturity

Include in your considerations how long you want to spend time for the repayment. A quick payback brings less interest costs. But you have to raise higher monthly rates. On the contrary, your financial burden per month will be lower if you choose a longer term. This gives you greater latitude for your other financial transactions.

The amount of credit needed should be as high as necessary, but as small as possible. Compare therefore exactly the price for what you want to buy and start there. For example, if you can lower the purchase price of a car or kitchen by $ 2,000, you would need to take a smaller loan and save on interest.

Check collateral

Every lender will inquire about your current financial condition and credit rating. This depends on the credit line, but also the interest rate. Both can be influenced by security benefits in your favor. If you own real estate, savings or other assets, you can use them as collateral. By accepting these, your bank will protect you against your potential default risk.

Alternatively, you can increase your credit rating or loan amount by using a second borrower. Similar to a guarantee, you include a second person in your contract to secure your loan. Prerequisites are always the age of majority and a sufficient creditworthiness of your partner.

Plan carefully

Before taking up the loan, you should think through all aspects again. For example, is the installment rate consistent with your budgetary management, are the funds readily available to you, do not your family plans collide with the credit burden? The more precise you can see about the consequences of borrowing and planning the repayment, the safer your plan will be.

A loan ultimately serves to fulfill your dream or make a necessary purchase. If you take on the repayment financially, it can bring unpleasant consequences. The better you plan in advance, the safer you are to avoid unpleasant surprises and prevent a financial distress.

The role of the credit bureau

credit bureau is a credit bureau that rates your creditworthiness. There, all loans, contracts or personal data are collected and evaluated by consumers. The calculated credit bureau score plays a crucial role in lending. A commitment and even the interest rate depends on the individual credit rating. This worsens by any installment, financing or other business on pump. Your account also has an overdraft on your account or if you delay payments. By being exemplary in financial matters and by avoiding lending whenever possible, you can save and improve your credit bureau score. Once a year, you can have your credit bureau extract sent to you free of charge. Take the opportunity and check the entries on your person for their correctness.

Tempting loans with risks

If it comes to a classic installment loan, offers a number of models. Not every one is really worthwhile, even if it looks like it at first. Here we present a series of loans that offer advantages as well as disadvantages. By assessing them for themselves, you will end up making your decision easier. Before you consider any of the following loans, you should at least look at the offers of a credit comparison.

Mini loans

Especially if you are looking for smaller loans on the Internet, you might come across so-called mini-loans. Here you can borrow small money over a short period of time. As a rule, there is a credit line between 50 and 1,500 euros, which you can repay within 1 or 2 months. The interest rate seems moderate at first glance, but such microcredit can quickly go into the money. You have to expect considerable extra costs if you need the money in the short term. It also becomes expensive again if you want a flexible rate or can not repay on time. The bottom line is that these loans do not really pay off and should therefore be avoided wherever possible.

Less interest loans

Lending with low interest rates is the latest offering that has spawned the current low interest rate phase. As a borrower, you must have a particularly good credit rating. You will receive a loan of € 1,000 and have to repay a little less. This savings is not worth it, as this mainly affects your creditworthiness. Negative-interest credit offers are primarily for marketing purposes and are intended to appeal to new customers.

Bank credit

The loan without credit bureau is also called “Bank Credit” because it can only be obtained through foreign banks. You also get your money with a less good credit bureau score, as this rating is completely ignored. However, such a loan can incur higher costs and a stricter credit check. If you can and want to accept this, nothing speaks against such a “Bank loan”. Basically, your credit bureau score will not be burdened by such a loan.

What speaks for the online loan

With an online loan, you get a more comprehensive and neutral overview, as compared to relatively branch banks for individual offers abklappern. With just a few clicks and entries you will find the best and cheapest offers available on the market. All conditions are easy and convenient to compare, which saves you a lot of time. As a provider, you will find a number of online banks that can provide you with low-cost offers. The favorable conditions result from the savings of such credit providers. These do not have branches and far fewer employees than long-established banks, but are just as reputable. A guarantee for this is provided by the fact that direct banks are of course also subject to the strict requirements of the German financial supervisory authority.

How to find the right loan

How to find the right loan

By having a clear idea of ​​what kind and amount you need, you have done the preliminary work. When looking for the loan provider that suits you best, our online loan comparison helps. There you will find the currently cheapest offers as well as the conditions of the respective loan. In addition to the interest rate, also note the options offered. With various extras to a loan itself you can secure further advantages. These concern, for example, the nature of the repayment or the permanent securing of the favorable interest rates.


Importance of personal credit ratings in loan application

Importance of <a href=personal credit ratings in loan application” width=”657″ height=”278″ />

The personal credit rating refers to the personal qualities of the auditee. The question is: What kind of person am I dealing with? The following factors are usually examined and included:

Occupational activity and qualifications:

Occupational activity and qualifications:

The more recognized the profession is and the higher the level of education, the better the personal credit rating. An employee in a high position in a highly respected company is generally considered to have a better credit rating than a self-employed person. Academic degrees, such as doctoral degrees, or other highly respected education and qualifications also round off the picture of better credit quality.

Workplace safety:

Workplace safety:

How safe is the workplace? Even with employees there are differences. Is this a temporary or permanent employment relationship? How long has the employee been at the company? As a rule, the longer the employment relationship, the better the personal credit rating. An open-ended employment relationship is accordingly preferred.

Payment history in the past

Has the person proven willing to pay in the past? There are people who, despite their large fortunes, are reluctant to pay their bills. These people are also credited with a lower credit rating.

Residence & Housing

Residence & Housing

Does a person live or move to a permanent residence for years? A permanent resident with a stable housing habits usually leads to a better credit rating as this person is more predictable.

Marital status

Family is beautiful, but it is associated with financial burdens. The more children you have, the less likely your personal credit rating will be. Single persons are only better off to married persons if the spouse does not have their own income, which is sufficient to cover the need for life.

In the case of personal creditworthiness, it is checked whether the person can prove appropriate behavior in order to be eligible for the desired credit or contract.

You’ve thought it through, evaluated all the options, and come to the conclusion that the loan is the best solution to accomplish your goal, whether it’s paying off more robust debt, getting a loan, or making that emergency trip.

And you’ve been hearing that there’s a possibility on the market to request this service from the comfort of your home, even if you’re not entirely convinced that you really should. If this is your case, then keep an eye, then the following are the main advantages of taking out an online loan. Check it out!

Reason # 1: Custom Loan

Reason # 1: Custom Loan

Through the internet, it is possible to make pre-simulations, which allows you to know exactly how much you will need to pay monthly for the amount you want to request. That way you can better organize your home budget.

And you can still make adaptations to the operation by choosing the ideal payment terms. The operation is somewhat different from the one in which banks often already have pre-established values ​​and forms of payment.

Reason # 2: Payday on hand within 48 hours *

Reason # 2: Payday on hand within 48 hours *

There are things that can not wait, right? So if in addition to extra money you need to solve your problem urgently, the online loan offers the advantage of being available in up to two days. It’s even a celebration!

Reason # 3: More Ease

Reason # 3: More Ease

Have you thought about getting the loan without facing a queue, without leaving home, or even from the street, if the request is via smartphone? And the best: without having to gather the paperwork of vouchers to take to the bank? This is one more benefit of online loan.

It is possible to make your request in a few minutes and you can still compare different offers and choose the one that is most advantageous for you, without any bureaucracy.

If in doubt, institutions also offer online support to give you all the help you need.

Reason # 4: Security Will Not Fail

Reason # 4: Security Will Not Fail

Do your homework: research hard on the financial institution or correspondent bank before closing any deal. This allows you to enjoy all the security and discretion that the virtual environment offers, as well as protection against intruders.

So you’ll be able to say goodbye to the tension of having to make a loan at the bank or being led to bring Payday home.

Reason # 5: No consultation 

If you are negative, you can find the loan solution online for your problem. Some of the financial institutions and banking correspondents that offer this service do not consult the credit protection agencies to evaluate the risk of granting the operation. It’s one more reason to consider that mode!

See just how many advantages are brought with the loan online? But do not rush and make unnecessary transactions out there. You have to make this commitment with conscience and responsibility, so that you do not accumulate more debt and affect your domestic budget for nothing.


When the bills tighten and you find yourself dead-end in need of cash urgently, the loan appears as the best solution to put the pending bills on and pay only one installment instead of seeing one or more debts accumulate.

Due to the numerous payday credit options, having a quick cash can be easier than it looks. Banks and other financial institutions are attentive to people’s needs and currently already offer loans made over the internet to anyone who needs money. Want to understand more about it? 

How to get a payday loan online?

How to get a <a href=payday loan online?” />


Each institution requests a different document. You can check this on the websites of the banks themselves or on the pages of the institutions that offer online loans.

Is it safe to hire this kind of credit?

Is it safe to hire this kind of credit?


For account holders it is an extremely fast and safe way to obtain the loan, as it will be necessary to spend few or no other data besides those that the bank already has in its register. However, a few financial institutions require that copies of their payday documents, proofs of various types, and so forth be sent.

To avoid any damage, be aware. Submit your data only to trusted and reputable institutions in the market, and if you are not sure there is something wrong, do not send any documents, either by email or on the institution’s own website.

How much?

Each bank and financier works with specific values ​​for their interest rates, and these vary widely (4%, 5% or up to 15%, 20%).

For more information on applied fees, make several simulations on websites of banks and financial institutions to find the value of the services that best fit your budget.

What is the maximum value?

Just like the interest rate and term, the maximum amount granted for online payday loans varies from one institution to another.

Good research and time as an accountant at the financial institution of your choice helps in the process of getting your payday loan online. However, the internet is fraught with pitfalls behind the quick and easy money promises.

If you do not know the company, but are tempted to close business with it, do a lot of research. Seeking the best solution gives you security for a complicated time, instead of giving you a future headache. However, if you have the time, jump in the institution and negotiate directly for better rates.

Acquiring a payday loan by people who work in some public or private institution , and receive fixed salaries, is much easier to approve. Called payroll payday loan, the installments to repay the payday loan are fixed and discounted in the paycheck. The employer himself passes the money on to banks and financiers and deducts from the employee’s payroll. The default for this type of payday loan is practically nil, and therefore the interest is lower.

But what about self-employed workers who do not work at a fixed location, and do not receive a fixed amount every month registered in a paycheck? It is not interesting for the financiers to make this type of payday loan, more risky for them because of the lack of guarantees provided by the autonomous. The financial ones, therefore, compensate for this lack of guarantee in high interest rates. Interest rates on payday loans are extremely high and the amounts available for payday loans are low. It is quite risky for the self-employed this type of payday loan. Let’s see more about their conditions.

How to get payday loan for freelance

How to get payday loan for freelance

To obtain the autonomous payday loan , it is necessary that the person is not registered in credit protection agencies such as SPC and Serasa. In addition, you need an income statement made by a “pro-labore” accountant, with your personal data and the quantification of your monthly or annual income. The bank statement of the last three months is also required for analysis. Through these documents any self-employed can try to get the payday loan. There are no restrictions other than the name that must be clean in the square. If the payday loan is approved, the amount requested enters into your checking account immediately.

The guarantees that the payday loan banks will ask for are usually pre-dated checks, which will be discounted every month in your account. But they can also use the current account debit and even the credit card. As we have said, interest is the great danger. Each company has a table according to the profile of the contractor, but it is a rule that the interest is all abusive. They can get up to 18% a month. An example is that if you get 300 reais borrowed, the next month it will have turned into 350 reais.

An alternative to credit and financial banks is to try a personal payday loan at the bank where you are an account holder. If you are an old customer, without major problems like debts and delays, talking to your manager might be better than looking for a bank. Interest rates are lower and the amounts available may be higher.


When the time is tight, the quicker we get the money we need, the better. It is at that time that online payday loan can be a good solution to the financial problem. If you have a preapproved limit, the money may fall at the time of the account. However, care must be taken not to take impulse credit and to end up making things worse.

Find out more about the online financial loan and find out if this is even the best option for you right now:

Online payday loan – What are the advantages?

– Speed ​​and convenience: If you already have a pre-approved limit linked to your account, you get the money in a few minutes directly over the internet, without the need to speak to any attendants.

– Good call for moments of suffocation. We never know when we’re going to have an emergency. Having this feature makes sure that if you need money at an unexpected time (a few days before payment or at dawn), you will succeed.

– Simulation before hiring. Most banks allow you to simulate the number and amount of installments you will pay before closing the contract. So, it is easier if you plan for the coming months when you will have to shoulder the debt. Within , you can simulate the installments in the price comparison.

– Possibility to choose when to start paying. In the hiring simulation itself, it is also possible to choose the start date of the payment of the installments. Do not forget that there is interest charging in the same way (ie, the longer you take to start paying, the higher the interest).

– Automatic discount for prepayment. In the same way as it is possible to contract the credit online, it is possible to amortize the value of the debt or even to remove it with automatic discount of the interest.  

Online payday loan – What Are the Drawbacks?

Online Personal Loan - What Are the Drawbacks?

– High interest. The main disadvantage of this type of credit is that the interest rate may be high in some but not all institutions. Hence, it is worth the rule of researching the interest rates before hiring any loan.

– Easy to give in to impulses. Since it is very easy to have the money in the account, the chance to take out credit on impulse, without thinking well and assessing the value of interest and the impact of the installments on the budget, is greater.

Online payday loan – Where To Get It?

Online Personal Loan - Where To Get It?

If before anyone who wanted to buy a personal credit online could only resort to the site of his bank, now there are other companies that do this service also over the internet. There are features like the comparator that show loan options from various institutions, so you can judge which one best fits your need.

The first step is to know how much you need and how much time you can afford. This gives you an idea of ​​the interest rate that is being charged to each financial institution.