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Working three years with significant positive growth rate specially during global financial crisis and then after financial down turn of Iran due to sanctions and embargo regulations, proves Hydro Geo strong back bone and capabilities to cope with external environment through diversification of the products and services as well as offering innovative solution for different purpose of the survey and hydrographic jobs. Hydro Geo operates seven divisions with different and complementary services.



Hydro Geo is pleased to serve its customers from 2011 with high level of satisfaction!

Our clients are all over satisfied with the services and products we deliver in an efficient and professional manner.

During past Years Hydro Geo Achieved all the milestones toward its mission and goals.

Hydrography and surveying equipment services including repair, factory and field calibration, in-house maintenance, installation and commissioning of the survey equipment at field, provision of electronic engineer for mobilization of your projects, rental equipment services and sales.
Provision of expert and skilled man power for your shore and offshore projects. This is including surveyors, hydrographers, processors, geophysicist, electronic engineers, subsea engineers, construction crew like welders, riggers, crane operators, marine crew like DP operators, safety officers, ....
Consultation regarding your offshore, hydrography and surveying projects, equipments, procedures, standards, proposals, pre-qualification documents, budgetary documents, ISO consultancy and ....
Work on your requirements by having connection with Universities and Industry for new products, methodologies and services. New solutions for operation and execution of jobs by introducing the new technologies to the industry. Solution for surveying equipment and office setups in offshore and  inshore.
Hydrography and geomatics training like short courses, workshops, internationally certified courses, offshore hydrographic and industrial surveying.
Gathering all the people, companies and Universities in the club to achieve the mutually beneficial relationship.
Providing new solutions for Unmanned Survey Vessels (USV), Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), survey poles and mechanical structures

We Are Delighted to Serve Our Clients Via our Seven Divisions in all Aspects of the Survey & Hydrography

Organizational Chart

Hydro Geo is an organization that manage and perform lots of activities along with formal services which are delivered by its divisions. These activities are designed somehow to develop the innovations and support the business.

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Hydro Geo core center has the following activities regularly and occasionally:

  1. Scholarship and sponsorship for university students.  Read More.

  2. Participation in National projects like saving Orumieh Lake, Study of the Caspian Sea water level change, establishing a beacon network for the DGPS correction signals, ...

  3. Conference and seminars: The Conference reviews the progress achieved by the Organization through its committees, sub committees and working groups, and adopts the programs to be pursued during the ensuing 5-year period. Read More.

  4. Cooperation with other organizations: Hydro Geo provides an essential service in supporting Universities, private and governmental companies, and are also important providers of data for Marine Scientific Research.

  5. Publication: Hydro Geo produces numerous publications which are available from the Hydro Geo web-site, or can be provided on CD-ROM. Printed copies of some periodical publications are also available. Read More.

  6. Customer Care and Equipment Care Services for free for all the companies who just contact Hydro Geo or any of it’s Divisions.

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