Offshore manpower and recruitment services was always a missing part of the survey, hydrography and offshore industry in Iran. Hydro Geo Job Hub started it recruitment services from May 2011 by supplying survey personnel to survey, construction and offshore companies in Iran. These personnel are a combination of Iranian, European and Asian nationalities.

Hydro Geo Job Hub supports a strong bank of qualified candidates who are wisely screened and assessed by our qualified assessors against different criteria to support the employers' manpower needs in the field of hydrography.

The club intends to form a professional community for hydrographers and surveyors. Never has there been such a place in Iran where people could post their comments on or discuss their questions about surveying.

By being a member of Hydro Geo Club one will receive a lot of benefits as a company or individual. The club undertakes the membership relation establishment, publications, periodicals, conferences and research activities. The club provides advice for people how are interested in research activities in surveying.

Hydro Geo Solution can provide advice and assistance with the design, development, testing and product realization of survey related technologies.

With experience in designing, developing and testing GPS, underwater acoustic positioning systems as well as real-time navigation, positioning and data acquisition systems, Hydro Geo Solution provides innovations to fabricate and assemble the right tools and gears for surveying and hydrography.

Hydro Geo Solutions provides guidance on design considerations from different points of view: survey operations, system testing and product realization.

Hydro Geo Solution is currently providing engineering design and fabrication for Unmanned Survey Vessels (USV), Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV), Survey Structures, Survey Boats, Survey Containers.

Hydro Geo Consultancy specializes in providing survey and positioning advice and consultancy to small and large scale offshore development projects.

With an experienced team, each member possessing more than 10 years of technical skills in offshore surveys and in oil and gas industry, Hydro Geo Consultancy has always been looking for new solutions and procedures to ensure the quality of the survey and hydrographic data and to help survey team and clients to speak with the same language in operation.

Utilizing the right knowledge of Geodesy, Surveying and Hydrography as well as Geophysics, Hydro Geo Consultancy will reduce the possible risks of failures and promote efficiency and reliability in operations along with its strict Health, Safety and Environment policy.

An underlying principle of the Hydro Geo Research and Development Division is that the geo-scientific resources of universities and other research institutions should be combined in order to succeed in national and international joint projects.

Hydro Geo R&D employs university students to fulfill knowledge base dimensions of its mission and help students get familiar with the industry that they are going to join in. This began by awarding scholarships to two students who were starting third semester of their M.Sc. courses.

The two awarded scholarships are:

HGD-P1302: An optimized observational network design for USBL calibration via geodetic network robustness analysis as an offshore standard method, Case study: calibration of AAE USBL system.

HGD-P1303: Real time tidal observation utilizing Precise Point Positioning (PPP) on the survey vessels, Case study: Veripos Ultra high accuracy DGPS height data against tidal station data

The former research is being done at Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Group of university of Tehran while the latter was undertaken by Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Group of university of Isfahan.

Education is essential in creating and maintaining a modern hydrographic service. Along with the mission of the Hydro Geo, in order to be an organization which can fully support the geomatics science and hydrography, Hydro Geo aimed at establishing a school to provide knowledge based and practical courses to companies, universities and individuals.

The courses designed by the school are categorized as follows:

Basic Hydrographic Surveying Course: Seeking for Category B recognition certificate from IBSC board, Hydrography, Software, Offshore Surveying, Geodesy, ROV and electronics.

The survey equipment industry is changing apace and encompasses a wide range of products and services. Blue Blue electronics specializes in survey and hydrographic equipment services.

Blue Blue electronics is one of the divisions of the Hydro Geo active in survey equipment services such as maintenance, installation, repair, calibration, rental, sale and manufacturing all ranges of survey and hydrographic equipment in Iran, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea regions.

Blue Blue electronics provide its services to a wide range of high-tech instruments such as geophysical survey, navigation and positioning surface and subsea, oceanographic systems, video inspection, ROV survey, ROV and Diving tooling. In addition, marine navigation and electronics such as radars, dynamic positioning (DP) systems, navigational aids and ECDIS services are being offered.

Blue Blue electronics manufactures Echosounders, DGPS, marine type connector s and cables, data testers as well as modification on analogue survey equipment and converting them to touch screen digital systems.

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A publishing center for Hydro Geo
Publishing Magazine, Buyer Guides,
Geomatics Forum, Exhibitions,
 Conferences and advertisement
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Active in manufacturing Underwater
Vehicles, ROV, USV
and Mechanical structures
 for surveyors
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R & D

Active in Research and Development
Software Development
Geo-Spatial information solutions
Scholarship for students

Hydro Geo provides an umbrella for any company and person who is interested to work in the field of Hydrography and Geomatics. Hydro Geo cooperates with other national and international organizations who are active in geomatics, hydrography, nautical cartography and related sciences worldwide.

Hydro Geo deliveries variety of products and services to the customers through its divisions. Each Division works under its own management system and Hydro Geo lead the strategies. The support functions like, Finance, Planning, Human Resources, Marketing and IT Center are managed by Hydro Geo to serve the divisions in an integrated manner. The divisions are introduced in front panel. Please click on each division to find more.

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Active in consultation and 
projects management, Standardization
and implementation of new 
technologies in offshore survey
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A training center providing
internationally certified courses
Hydrography and offshore survey
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Blue Blue electronics

Active in Surveying Instrumentation
Sales, Rental, 
Repair, Installation
and Production

Hydro Geo Divisions

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Job Hub

Active in recruitment of survey
manpower for projects, 
HR solutions and Payroll

Hydro Geo


In Hydro Geo we believe on innovation, new ideas, new solutions and designs for Geomatics science.

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