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Hoda DGPS Correction System

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Here we are going to start sharing your opinions as a Hoda user to find out what advantages and disadvantages this system is carrying for surveyors in Iran.
Thanks for sharing your feed backs.


  • I believe this is going to take time to have this system up and running. Although it is working perfectly within a limited boundary of coverage, the cost of such a system is quite high in respect to the other solutions like Precise Point Positioning (PPP).
  • About HODA
    I know that it is working with 35-40 Stations at present, But I sure that it will improve to woking better with more stations.
  • سامانه ی ملی هدی چیه؟ اصلا به چه دردی می خوره؟ 
  • هادی عزیز
    از اونجا که سوالت خیلی مهم بود، به صورت یک مبحث جدا توضیح دادم
    مرسی ازسوال مفیدت
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