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Acquiring a payday loan by people who work in some public or private institution , and receive fixed salaries, is much easier to approve. Called payroll payday loan, the installments to repay the payday loan are fixed and discounted in the paycheck. The employer himself passes the money on to banks and financiers and deducts from the employee’s payroll. The default for this type of payday loan is practically nil, and therefore the interest is lower.

But what about self-employed workers who do not work at a fixed location, and do not receive a fixed amount every month registered in a paycheck? It is not interesting for the financiers to make this type of payday loan, more risky for them because of the lack of guarantees provided by the autonomous. The financial ones, therefore, compensate for this lack of guarantee in high interest rates. Interest rates on payday loans are extremely high and the amounts available for payday loans are low. It is quite risky for the self-employed this type of payday loan. Let’s see more about their conditions.

How to get payday loan for freelance

How to get payday loan for freelance

To obtain the autonomous payday loan , it is necessary that the person is not registered in credit protection agencies such as SPC and Serasa. In addition, you need an income statement made by a “pro-labore” accountant, with your personal data and the quantification of your monthly or annual income. The bank statement of the last three months is also required for analysis. Through these documents any self-employed can try to get the payday loan. There are no restrictions other than the name that must be clean in the square. If the payday loan is approved, the amount requested enters into your checking account immediately.

The guarantees that the payday loan banks will ask for are usually pre-dated checks, which will be discounted every month in your account. But they can also use the current account debit and even the credit card. As we have said, interest is the great danger. Each company has a table according to the profile of the contractor, but it is a rule that the interest is all abusive. They can get up to 18% a month. An example is that if you get 300 reais borrowed, the next month it will have turned into 350 reais.

An alternative to credit and financial banks is to try a personal payday loan at the bank where you are an account holder. If you are an old customer, without major problems like debts and delays, talking to your manager might be better than looking for a bank. Interest rates are lower and the amounts available may be higher.


When the time is tight, the quicker we get the money we need, the better. It is at that time that online payday loan can be a good solution to the financial problem. If you have a preapproved limit, the money may fall at the time of the account. However, care must be taken not to take impulse credit and to end up making things worse.

Find out more about the online financial loan and find out if this is even the best option for you right now:

Online payday loan – What are the advantages?

– Speed ​​and convenience: If you already have a pre-approved limit linked to your account, you get the money in a few minutes directly over the internet, without the need to speak to any attendants.

– Good call for moments of suffocation. We never know when we’re going to have an emergency. Having this feature makes sure that if you need money at an unexpected time (a few days before payment or at dawn), you will succeed.

– Simulation before hiring. Most banks allow you to simulate the number and amount of installments you will pay before closing the contract. So, it is easier if you plan for the coming months when you will have to shoulder the debt. Within , you can simulate the installments in the price comparison.

– Possibility to choose when to start paying. In the hiring simulation itself, it is also possible to choose the start date of the payment of the installments. Do not forget that there is interest charging in the same way (ie, the longer you take to start paying, the higher the interest).

– Automatic discount for prepayment. In the same way as it is possible to contract the credit online, it is possible to amortize the value of the debt or even to remove it with automatic discount of the interest.  

Online payday loan – What Are the Drawbacks?

Online Personal Loan - What Are the Drawbacks?

– High interest. The main disadvantage of this type of credit is that the interest rate may be high in some but not all institutions. Hence, it is worth the rule of researching the interest rates before hiring any loan.

– Easy to give in to impulses. Since it is very easy to have the money in the account, the chance to take out credit on impulse, without thinking well and assessing the value of interest and the impact of the installments on the budget, is greater.

Online payday loan – Where To Get It?

Online Personal Loan - Where To Get It?

If before anyone who wanted to buy a personal credit online could only resort to the site of his bank, now there are other companies that do this service also over the internet. There are features like the comparator that show loan options from various institutions, so you can judge which one best fits your need.

The first step is to know how much you need and how much time you can afford. This gives you an idea of ​​the interest rate that is being charged to each financial institution.

The online loan is an economic tool increasingly recurring in the market. Most people who are looking for borrowed money are choosing to turn to virtual alternatives to go to a bank or lender in person. In a practical, fast, safe and efficient way, you can simulate, make a request and, if approved, have the money in your checking account in a few hours. That’s right, everything is done almost automatically, to make life easier for consumers who find themselves immersed in a certain period of financial difficulty.

Online Loan Insurance

Online Loan Insurance

The online loan also stands out for the security it offers over all the financial question that involves this type of operation. However, it is critical that the consumer is aware of the history and credibility of the company that is offering the loan.

The operations are completely transparent and you will have all the information you need, such as interest rates, payment conditions, debt repayment term and other elementary issues at the time of making a secure loan .

How to make a personal loan online?

How to make a <a href=personal loan online?” />

To get your personal loan in a few hours, you only need to follow the following steps:

Request and answer

Make your request by completing the fields of our website, going through all the necessary steps. The average time for this step is approximately 5 minutes, and in less than 1 minute we respond to your online loan application and personal credit.

has a unique evaluation method developed by specialists in Finance and Technology. Requests can be made through our website that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays.

Why apply for a personal loan?

Why apply for a personal loan?

We trust our customers. The more we work together, the more we will trust you and offer you new opportunities through our loyalty program: higher personal loan amount, more time for return, and lower rates.

  • Available to all Brazilian citizens from 18 years.
  • Your loan quickly, without bureaucracy and without leaving home. All you need is a device with internet access.
  • There is no need to present any original documents or paper copies during the request.
  • It’s totally safe! All your data is protected by security protocols. We have all the necessary licenses and technologies so our customers can sleep peacefully without worrying about the security of their data.
  • We reward our clients with a special loyalty program through which their fifth loan can go free. You earn points as you repay your loans on time, point to friends, and comment on your experience.
  • is a serious company that you can trust! We are an online banking correspondent who has all the necessary licenses to comply with Brazilian legislation.

Online Personal Loan Insurance

Online Personal Loan Insurance with

The online platform offers financial products whose purpose involves, among others, the facilitation of access to financial products by anyone. However, is not a financial institution, but a banking correspondent of, which, pursuant to Resolution no. 3,954, dated February 24, 2011, entered into an agreement with each other.

During the online personal loan application, various information will be requested and these are of paramount importance for the loan analysis and the definition of the interest rate of the loan requested. These data must be provided with the best organization and good faith of the clients, knowing that the information provided will respect ‘s privacy policy and will be used for the exclusive use of the online personal loan offering service.

Online loans can vary in form from customer to customer, but in general, the payment term will have a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months. In addition, the interest rate is 17.99% per month.

In the event of non-payment of the online loan , clients may have their names registered with the loan protection agencies as defaulters, the contract protested before the out-of-court registries, or appear as defendants in execution or collection lawsuits.

Therefore, and his team suggest that the payments of the personal loan installments online be paid on time and, if there is any doubt, the clients and users of the platform contact the call centers, whose phone number is indicated on the website itself or the online personal loan agreement.